Do you test your products for gluten?

Yes, each production run is tested for gluten. For reference: a product must contain less than 20 parts per million (ppm) of gluten to be “Certified Gluten Free”. Our inventory regularly tests below 5 ppm.


Are SAMABILA products a healthy alternative to instant ramen?

We love us some clean eating, but every once in a while, you gotta indulge. Still, each and every ingredient in SAMABILA was consciously selected to minimize health risks without sacrificing the flavors of instant ramen we love so much. So while we are careful not to claim SAMABILA as “health food”, we can confidently say our seasonings are healthier in that they do not contain any artificial flavoring, added MSG (see below), TBHQ, or carcinogens found in mass-produced instant ramen spice packets.


Do your products contain MSG?

Like nutritional yeast, some of our ingredients (i.e. mushroom extract, torula yeast, etc.) contain naturally occurring glutamates. However, the amount of glutamates found in these ingredients is nowhere near the concentration of MSG, a synthetically-derived flavor booster. We worked hard to create a premium product that does not require the addition of MSG to achieve the same, rich umami flavors of our favorite broths. Still, those who are sensitive to yeast extracts and other forms of glutamates may want to proceed cautiously.


What is the expiration date for your products?

While spices technically do not expire (they only lose flavor), we suggest consuming SAMABILA seasonings within two years of purchase for maximal freshness. Just remember to keep your pouches sealed and stored in a cool environment, and try to keep moisture out of the pouch when it is in use.


When will the Viet Beef Phở Powder be back in stock?

The Viet Beef Phở Powder is officially back!


Where can I find your products?

Our products are available on our website as well as Amazon (United States). We are currently in discussion with several marketplaces to get SAMABILA products onto your shelves by the end of 2024!